Translate for SP Page Builder

compat 34

The last SP Page builder version : 2.0 (2018/01/22)

Translate for SP Page Builder component make your SP page builder translation simpler. You can use it with or WITHOUT Falang

You don't have anymore to duplicate the page to translate it. Translate only what is necessary. It's easier to mainaint all param's are the same for all langues.

Note : This extension is compatible with the last 2.5.4 SP Page Builder Pro version (work on 2.4.8 and 2.4.9 too) and now on SP page builder 3.

SP Page Builder Translate

Addons supported in the v1

  • accordion
  • article
  • animated number
  • button
  • button_group
  • call_to_action
  • carousel
  • feature
  • flip_box
  • gmap
  • heading
  • image
  • image content
  • modal
  • module
  • pricing
  • progress_bar
  • tab
  • text_block
  • ....

All other addons are coming very soon.